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The jungle ecotourism destination in North Sumatra.

Sounds of The Jungle – Tangkahan The Real Hidden Paradise, Indonesia.

Isabella bridge, Tangkahan

Tangkahan Eco Experience was created to empower and improve the welfare of humans, conservation and biodiversity as well as implement sustainable solutions that help us protect the pristine rainforest and support responsible eco-tourism.


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Donate Clean Water for North Sumatra

Every family in North Sumatra deserves access to clean drinking water.

Support underprivileged families in North Sumatra with a water filter to help them save money and improve their health in this time of crisis.

Sumatran Elephants

Tangkahan is home to Sumatran elephant conservation herd. All 9 members of the herd are in good health and rescued form human elephant conflict in Banda Aceh. They are trained for patrolling the forest of Gunung Leuser National Park to prevent poaching of the remain wild population.

Explore Our Activities

Support the local community while having the time of your life! In Tangkahan you can experience different adventures such as jungle trekking, walking with the elephants, river tubing, chasing waterfalls, elephant feeding, and wild jungle camping. Occasionally, you can sign up for camping education as well as jungle workshops where you will learn all about jungle survival skills, wildlife, and vegetation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tangkahan

How to get to Tangkahan and when is the best time to visit?

Tangkahan is located in North Sumatra, on the border of Leuser National Park. From Medan, you will need to drive 3 hours by car or bus. Tangkahan is a good place to visit anytime, but throughout June, July, August, and September there is less rain, so there are usually a lot of visitors in these months. However, be aware that you are in a rainforest which means you can not avoid rain showers. Embrace the rain and allow yourself to experience the jungle in its full glory!

How long is recommended to stay and what to bring with me?

If you wish to explore Tangkahan fully, we recommend staying from 3-5 days. Even though Tangkahan is a great destination for a one-day trip, staying longer is a great opportunity for meeting the locals, have bonfire dinners, going on jungle trekking, walking through the forest with elephants, and tubing. If you are staying more than three days, our jungle guides will organize for you to visit Bukit Lawang, Batu Katak, and Batu Rongring and have a full jungle experience of a Langkat area.

Is camping possible?

Yes, you can come with your tents and camp or you can book our jungle guide to take you camping in the jungle. For solo camping, we advise staying in a village near the river.

Is it possible to interact with elephants?

Yes, the Tangkahan herd of elephants is used to interact with humans, but only in a presence of elephant guides- mahouts. Available activities with elephants are: feeding, bathing, and walk through the jungle. Elephant rides are not allowed. Please, be respectful towards all the wildlife in Tangkahan, and do not feed animals unless you got permission from mahouts and jungle guides.

Are there any volunteering opportunities available?

We appreciate every person and your willingness to help the Tangkahan community. At this time we are developing volunteering programs, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, the best way to support the community is to book your stay, jungle guide, and activities at Tangkahan since this is the way for the community to be and stay sustainable. We encourage you to support local artists as well by buying zero waste art and joining in live music performances. Everybody can support locals while having the time of your life. Last but not least, please keep Tangkahan clean. Thank you.