Every family in North Sumatra deserves access to clean drinking water.


Support underprivileged families in North Sumatra with a water filter to help them save money and improve their health in this time of crisis.

The first water distribution delivered

Our first water filter distribution went terrific! Our hearts are filled with gratitude to everyone who made this possible.


From now on, 100 families in Tangkahan will have access to clean, drinkable water. The feeling was bittersweet since not everyone could take a water filter home, but we chose to look at the bright side! We are halfway there; please consider donating to help one family in need.


Please DONATE TODAY and help us to provide access to clean water to every Tangkahan family.


Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

The issue at hand

The small village of Tangkahan, located in Langkat region in North Sumatra is known as a wild eco tourism destination with conservation programs for highly endangered Sumatran elephants, but also as an area deeply affected by palm oil plantations. 
While 40 years ago this village was raw jungle with clean rivers and rich soil, today only 17.000 hectares remain untouched, and 70.000 hectares of land is used for the palm oil industry.

Water in Sumatra is not suitable for drinking, which means that the villagers are either boiling the water or buying the water.

With the COVID 19 pandemic, most of the local people in Tangkahan have lost their jobs and livelihoods have disappeared. 


Families struggle to make ends meet and every penny saved makes a huge difference.

The Solution

Water filters have never been more needed than NOW. This is WHY.


In Sumatra, water from the tap is not drinkable. So either people go and buy bottled water, which is expensive OR they boil water, on wood or gas, which also costs money.


Using water filters is 5 times cheaper than boiling water and 30 times cheaper than buying bottled water on a per liter basis.


It also reduces plastic bottle use and people can filter tap water from home, without having to go out to buy water. And rain water can be used with the water filter.

The Technology


The filtered water has been tested in many laboratories, it is safe to drink and is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). The ceramic filter is a Dutch technology and lasts for 3 years. After 3 years, you just have to replace the ceramic filter.


On top of the Economic benefits, there are also Health benefits. Using the water filter literally breaks the vicious circle of poverty.

Children are the most vulnerable to waterborne diseases, let’s save lives and protect them with safe filtered water to drink! And at the same time, help poor North Sumatran families save money in these times of crisis.


Where will your money go and what does it buy

With the support of our partner organization Social Impakt our Goal is to fundraise US $ 6 000, which represents 200 water filters for 200 families in Tangkahan, North Sumatra providing clean drinking water to 1000 people. One water filter unit costs US $ 30.

Our stretch goal is US $ 10 000, which represents 334 water filters for 334 families in Tangkahan area, providing clean drinking water to 1670 people.

We will distribute the water filters to the families who need them most in Tangkahan.

With all precautionary measures, wearing masks and gloves.

We will send you pictures and documentation as soon as the filters have been distributed.

Thank you for your support and please share on your social media and with your friends.